Yei! New Businesses Developing in South Sudan

We have been greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm and industry of our new microfinance project in Yei. Local managers Rose and Joyce are doing a fantastic job equipping the 15 women currently taking part in the project. In particular, these women benefit through the weekly group meetings where they learn business skills and have a chance to grow in faith through regular Bible readings and prayer.

Before joining the microfinance project these women did not earn anything. Now, just a few weeks into the project, this is how they are getting on:

“Because of profit made in those few days, I have been able to feed my children.”  

Reina has two children and now earns about £8 (US$10) a day thanks to the microfinance project in Yei.

“I appreciate Yei Microfinance programme because it uplifts women from hardship situation to be able to support their own families independently.” Joyce

Agnes is married and has 6 children. since joining the microfinance programme she earns an average of £8 a day or £55 a week. She is hopeful that the project will help other women like her.

We give great thanks to God for how well this project is developing. Please keep the ladies in your prayers.