Loans for Schooling: Flora Ladu

Flora in the house
‘My greatest joy is taking my children to school!’

In South Sudan, women are often burdened with the full weight of responsibility to provide for their family as many of their husbands were sent to war zones amidst the violent conflict of the past six years. Many of these men never returned. Consequently, many mothers like Flora (pictured) often feel the pressure to decide whether to use their little income on food or for school fees. Unsurprisingly, this is a major reason why school attendance is so low across the nation.

For this reason, Manna Microfinance works solely with women in Juba, supporting them in establishing sustainable and profitable businesses which enable mothers to pay their children’s school fees and provide for them at home.

Flora Ladu is part of the ‘Green Group’ at Manna. She has seven children but was unable to fund their school fees so joined Manna in 2018. Her desire to see her children attend school and have a bright future was a major driving force in the success of her convenience store business:

“I believe education changes people and helps them to be more independent. That’s why I want my children to attend school.”

Since joining Manna, Flora has received and repaid three loans which have bolstered her business and increased profits, alongside the invaluable training provided by Manna to anyone who participates.  This input from Manna has seen Flora make profits of 56,000 SSP (344 GBP) per month – plenty enough to feed her children and provide for their schooling!

If you would like to give to Manna Microfinance so that more women can start or grow businesses like Flora, you can do so here.