Harvest Appeal for Clean Water – South Sudan

This harvest we are raising money to repair broken boreholes (water pumps) in Rokon, South Sudan to provide families with clean water and protect the community from the spread of deadly diseases.

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Rokon has an abundant source of water just below the ground, but much of it is inaccessible due to lack of resources and recent conflict in South Sudan. During the fighting many water pumps were heavily damaged.  Women and children are left collecting water from contaminated rivers and streams and so, many children are put at risk of contracting water-bourne diseases that can be deadly for under 5s. 

AID plans to equip the community’s own borehole repair teams, as well as bringing in expert help for major drilling work, to restore clean water sources. We will also put together water management committees who will be trained in maintaining the water pumps so they can function for decades to come. 

The Rokon community told AID that their greatest need was clean water.

The people of Rokon have been badly scarred by conflict. During South Sudan’s was many people had to flee and were left traumatised. As the community has begun to return to Rokon they have found homes, schools and water pumps destroyed. When AID met this community earlier this year, pictured above, they collectively told us that their biggest need was for clean water. 

This harvest we are raising money to help our brothers and sisters with this desperate need for clean water, showing them Christ’s compassion for the needy. Showing them that God has not forgotten them

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Rokon has a strong Christian Church thanks to missionaries such as William Haddow who preached the gospel, started churches and trained up local evangelists. Haddow died from a fever just three years after arriving in South Sudan but his legacy lives on. Today the community’s simple church buildings are packed with Bible believing Christians.

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