Hadrian’s Wall in 48 Hours – Completed!

On Sunday 15 August at 8.30am our intrepid band of hikers arrived in Carlisle, sore-footed but in great heart after trekking 67 miles from Newcastle in 48 hours – quite simply a colossal effort!

A sincere thanks to all who have donated so far – the total currently stands at £5,080, fast approaching the target of £6,000! There is still time to donate to push our endurance athletes over the line.

Along the way, their morale was boosted by others joining them for the most challenging middle section of the trek on the Saturday. Requiring a brisk pace across the beautiful landscapes once occupied by Roman legionaries, this demanding challenge took place to raise money for AID’s work in East Africa. Donations will support projects including the Jonglei Health Sciences Institute, our brand-new Marsabit Microfinance programme and Trumpeter Community Health.

If you would like to take part in AID’s next challenge or have an idea to organise one yourself, please get in touch.