Disease-free Water for Pregnant Mother

Gladdis is 21 and pregnant with two other young children running around at home. Flooding has recently hit her village in South Sudan. She says,

During floods, it was very difficult for us to find clean water. Some of the latrines had collapsed hence clean was mixed with dirty water.

This was a great concern for her as floods often cause dangerous diseases to spread among children.

However, Trumpeter Community Health was able to give Gladdis, and everyone in her village, water treatment tablets.

I received tablets to use for two Jerry cans every day… because I was treating drinking water for my family, my children never got diarrhoea. I am also in good health. I appreciate AID for the water treatment tablets which saved my children’s health including the unborn child.

We thank God for his provision and protection over this young family.

Trumpeter Community Health works to improve sanitation practices in communities in South Sudan, as well as to provide clean water and latrines for the long-term.