Life has been unsettling for the residents of Gondokoro. Violence across South Sudan caused many to flee their homes and take shelter in the village of Mori near Juba. They are pastoralists, dependent on agriculture to feed themselves and make money for school fees and medicines. 

“For us here in Mori, agriculture is the backbone of the economy. If you want to pay your children’s school fees you have to go for agriculture, even for your medication, agriculture, for your own food, agriculture. So we depend totally on it.” – Charity Soka – Agriculture Extension Officer

However in 2020 flooding devastated their crops, homes and livelihoods. The community decided to relocate to a nearby area of high ground where they could farm – safe from floods but lacking a clean water source and adequate housing.

“For more than 2 years, since 2020 they have been suffering from this issue (of flooding). That’s why they decided to go outside and then when they got support (from AID) they were very happy. They are very happy. “ – Charity Soka – Agriculture Extension Officer

AID’s supporters have given generously to the people of Gondokoro to enable them to have clean water and food. So it is very exciting to see that, over the last month, Gondokoro has become a hubbub of construction (see the video above to get a taste!). A mud drill has made the first borehole for the community, bricks are being laid for new houses and a tractor has been chugging up and down the fields to prepare soil for planting. 

It is vital to get the farming back up and running soon. So AID has employed an agriculture extension officer, Charity (right), who is overseeing 60 families as they begin to farm their new land. She says local specialists will train the families in updated farming techniques so they can be most effective in their new home.

“The most effective one is the modern way of agriculture. That is why we are planning to train them so that they know the new techniques…In every meeting we have to start with prayer…When we are praying and sharing this Word of God people are already getting to know God.”

Once the farms are up and running, families will be able to provide food for themselves and sell the surplus to make an income. Join us in praying that this new home will bring lasting hope to many, many families in South Sudan.

Charity - Agriculture Extension Officer
Charity Soka is AID's agriculture extension worker. She is training families in Gondokoro so they can make the best use of their new land.