The Trumpeters Have Changed My Life

A Trumpeter worker (right) gives Joyce (left) water treatment tablets to make sure her water is safe to drink

Joyce Asunta (left) is 60 years old and has seven children. Her husband died some years ago and she now lives with her eldest son. But she often struggles to provide food for her family.

She also lives in Munuki Block A, an area where the Trumpeters have been hard at work.

“For me the community health workers are like [the] good Samaritan because they have changed my life.”

Munuki block A used to be thought of as a dirty area, many did not have their own toilet and would simply go to the loo in the open (open defecation). This helped to the spread diseases which can be lethal for under fives. The Trumpeter Community Health workers have been visiting homes in Munuki Block A for six years teaching families the importance of good hygiene, using toilets, washing hands, using clean water and many other habits.

Now open defecation has decreased and the streets are clean. It is considered a clean neighbourhood by the surrounding areas.

The Trumpeters make sure that vulnerable families like Joyce’s; the very poor, those who are pregnant or very old, get water treatment tablets during the rainy seasons when flooding contaminates water sources.

Alongside their health messages the Trumpeters have been praying and fellowshipping with the community. Joyce says that the Trumpeters have taught her about praying to God.

“I thank God for the well I have in my compound, now I don’t buy water but only need to treat the water for home use.”

She also says God has helped her to have a small kitchen garden where she is able to harvest greens for her family.

We thank God for the work of the Trumpeters. If you would like to help more people like Joyce have clean water and joyful hearts, please visit our donate page and please pray.