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Most women in South Sudan give birth at home without a trained midwife. The country has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. 

Many live too far from a health facility to get there in time when they go into labour, others face pressure from family to give birth at home with traditional birth attendants. 

One study says,

“The majority of participants’ most recent births took place at home, though most reportedly intended to give birth in a health facility and overwhelmingly desire a facility birth next time.” – South Sudan Medical Journal.

South Sudan has a huge lack of trained health workers so many women just do not live near one. This spring we are raising money for the Jonglei Health Sciences Institute (JHSI), currently training midwives and clinical officers for South Sudan. 

One graduate now working in South Sudan, says:

“In maternity, I managed several cases. One time, I delivered twins and after I delivered the placenta, postpartum haemorrhage, PPH, (potentially fatal) occurred that made me apply all the methods of PPH management. I thank God for the ICMDA (former name of the JHSI) family for the knowledge they gave us.” – Rebecca Nyibol

The directors of the Institute, Drs Anil and Shalini Cherian, train the students to a particularly high standard and make sure they are equipped with all the necessary equipment.

“The JHSI has provided us with some modern practices and equipment for clinical postings e.g. blood pressure, obstetrics calendar, stethoscope and many others, which are very difficult to get in other institutes here in South Sudan.” – Tereza, trainee midwife (above right).

The Cherians are also committed Christians and give students the opportunity to study the Bible each week. 

“They’re not just providing us with medical knowledge but also spiritual growth. This semester, we have learnt from the Gospel of Mark.” – Tereza

Donate to the JHSI this spring and train more health workers to save lives in South Sudan.