Charity Builds a New Home

Charity is 48 years old. She is married with five children but her husband is unemployed. She is usually up early in the morning preparing food to sell on her stall. 

Before joining Manna Microfinance (MMF) Charity had a small business selling food near primary schools. However it did not always provide enough money for her family’s basic needs.

“I was not able to provide medical care for my family including me. My main concern was adding up stocks to be able to realize better profits.”

Her family were also stuck renting their house, at an expensive rate, without enough money to buy their own.

When Charity heard about Manna microfinance she joined a group. Through the weekly group meeting she learnt business skills and received a loan.

“I have learned from the MMF staff how to save… and develop my business.”

Manna microfinance enabled Charity to grow her business so that she was no longer just scraping by. Now she can provide for her family’s needs and has even built a two-room mud house, so they no longer need to pay rent.

 She has also benefitted from the time spent studying the Bible in weekly group meetings. Charity says,

“We learn the word of God during group meetings once in a week… I have learned how to forgive one another from the word of God.”