Alice and Faiza Build Homes for their Children


Alice has been a part of Manna Microfinance for nine years. In that time she has received and repaid eight loans. Her business has grown from charcoal selling on the street into a shop building, stocking a variety of goods.

She has been able to put her nine children through primary and secondary school as well as to build a home for them with separate rooms for boys and girls.

One of the most challenge times, Alice recalls, was when her shop was broken into on two separate occasions. She had to restock and keep going. Now she plans to build an even bigger shop, as profits continue to increase.

What a wonderful inspiration and encouragement!


Faiza is another inspirational woman in the Manna Microfinance project in Juba. She is part of the ‘Wisdom’ group and by developing a cloth-making business she has been able to build this sturdy house for her and her beautiful baby.